You are holding yourself back.  You WANT to fulfill your dreams for happiness and success.  You WANT to take your career, business, or simply your life to the next level.  You WANT to do something valuable, to take action.  And you thought you had all the tools to get you there.

But you feel blocked – emotionally and energetically.

You tried therapy, workshops, self-help books, and coaches who promise to get you organized, focused and ready to go.  But nothing really works.  Just when you start to soar, you engage in self-sabotage.  Perhaps you distract yourself with other people’s issues and priorities shift from your own needs.  Perhaps you hear the old song that you are not good enough so why bother.  Perhaps you hide, trusting that playing small is so much safer than living large. You create obstacles.   And the worst part is: you know it.

You are frustrated.

WHY can’t you focus on the outcome you really want?  WHY are you afraid to share your innate greatness with the world?  WHY are you hiding from your potential?

You are stuck.  And I know what that feels like.

For years I actively engaged in burying my true self in a sea of “should”, “have-to”, “must” and “can’t” – a sure sign that I was not living the life I was meant to live.  I thought I had done my own work, and I certainly had enough tools, advice, and techniques to move not only myself forward, but to help others do so.  I was a successful coach for goodness sake!  But when push came to shove, I discovered I was in my own way.   Underneath it all I felt that “good girls” do not go around talking about their own importance, telling the world about the greatness they have inside.  “Normal” people do not believe that they are destined to change the world.

But I am, and I do so…daily.

As it turns out my greatness comes from an innate ability to find the blocks in other people, to help them get “unstuck.”  I listen, get a sense, ask the right questions, and off we go.  This work is no less than magical. It frees people. My clients feel a greater sense of joy and peace.

And so can you.

More than likely you are closer to your desires than you think.  A thin veil stands between you and your bliss.  Working with me, you can unlock your potential, move past the long-held blocks that keep you from embracing greatness, and give yourself permission to live the life you were meant to.  It would be my honor to share my talents with you in order to help you fully realize your own.